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Product Range


This website and our Brochure contains our basic standard range, the mouldage for which is held in stock at all times. This allows us to keep costs and lead times to a minimum. We increasingly find, however, that the majority of cast stone components which we manufacture are designed specifically to meet our customer requirements.


Architects and specifiers are constantly seeking the bespoke or non-standard products in which we specialise, and the range in this area is limited only by the inherent restraints of mouldage capability. Our facilities allow us to produce mouldage from timber, fibreglass, steel and latex and, therefore, the possibilities are virtually endless. We specialise in manufacturing to match existing architectural features, both in style and colour and out staff will be delighted to assist in meeting your specific requirements.

Colour Range

Nine standard colours are available as illustrated. Due to the limitations of some computer monitors, the colours illustrated do not exactly reproduce actual shadings of cast stone. If in doubt, please request a sample stone from us.


Special colours to meet specific requirements, or to match existing masonry work, can be produced to order. Please allow aditional lead times for development work, when requesting special colours.

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