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Our cast stone products are manufactured by the semi-dry method of production. All component parts are measured by weight. Portland cement and/or snowcrete are mixed with carefully selected aggregates, pigments and waterproofer to give a sawn stone appearance to the finished product. Other finishes, such as acid etching, or brush finishing to give a textured effect, are available on special order. High tensile ribbed reinforcement – steel or stainless steel, as specified – is included where necessary.


Our components are manufactured using the two part method. The seen surfaces are of a fine textured finish, hand troweled to produce a product with sharp corners and a first class finish. The internal is a reinforced concrete core to produce a strong and durable product. Particularly during transport and handling during construction. We can produce a structural member to contractors requirements. We regularly supply 2100mm long heads and sills at 140mm high and 1500mm, where no additional structural support is required. We have can manufacture items that exceed 3000mm depending on the section.


Curing time must be allowed to ensure that products achieve maximum strength, however – even when fully cured – artificial stone does need to be handled with care to avoid any damage. We always recommend that installed components should be protected whilst the construction process continues.

Product Specification

Products are manufactured within the guidelines set by BS1217, and all raw materials conform to current British Standards.


Components usually comprise of a two-part mix. The face mix has a concrete backing material to provide added strength, the whole being monolithic. Small components may be produced using face mix only, at our discretion.


The cube strength of our products conforms to the minimum requirements of BS1217, i.e. not less than 25 N/mm2.


Dry shrinkage is generally 0.06%, and water absorbtion complies with ISAT Grade A test.


Dimensional tolerances are within +2/-3mm up to 2 metres, and +/-5mm over 2 metres, which is within acceptable industry standards.


Orders should be confirmed in writing, and must clearly state quantities, dimensions, colour, expected availability, and any special delivery requirements.


Some items may be available from stock, and most requirements can be accommodated within approximately three working weeks. Additional lead time should be allowed when requesting bespoke items, due to manufacture of special moulds. All lead times and scheduled requirements must be agreed at the time of ordering.

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